Yamachiku Shop – Company Profile

Company NameYamachiku Co., Ltd
President and CEO: Mitsuaki Yamada
229-2 Tsukunoshimo Shinden, Minami Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture
[TEL] 025-770-2668
[FAX] 025-773-3407
Establishment dateOpening date: April 11, 1998
Established a limited company December 22, 1999
Capital9.75 million yen
Number of employees10 (as of R2.5.31)
Annual sales238.83 million yen (FY2018 financial results)
Business descriptionSales of meat
Sale of groceries
Sale of alcoholic beverages
Dekivery service
Main sales destinationsLocal supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, over-the-counter sales, mobile sales
HistoryApril 1998 Opened “Yamachiku Shop”, a Japanese pork Mochibuta sales specialty store.
December 1999 Incorporated the sales department as “Yamachiku”.
Introduce mobile sales vehicles and increase sales.
2000 Sales will increase by selling at large local stores and selling to tourist accommodation facilities during the winter.
September 2010 Store renewal.
October 2011: Sales of Koshihikari from Minami Uonuma exceeded 1000 bales to Mt. Hakkai
August 2015: Served as chairman of the Uonuma Ethics Corporation Association for 3 years, and became a consultant after retirement.